Golden City Casino


Q. Do you support languages other than English?

No, we currently do not provide Services other than English though we have a plan in the future to support other languages. If you have any suggestions regarding this issue, please email us at:

Q. How do I become a VIP?

In order to become a VIP, you will need to earn class points. Class points can be earned by either leveling up or purchasing our in-game products! Join our VIP Club to earn special rewards!

Q. Can I link my guest account on mobile to my Facebook account?

Absolutely. By choosing to log in to your Facebook account through Golden City Casino on your mobile device, you will be given the choice to merge the coins on your guest account to your Facebook account. If you choose to merge two accounts, all coins earned on your guest account will be sent to your Facebook account. Please be aware that this process can only be done once per account.

Q. The game froze in the middle of a spin!

First of all, we are very sorry about the frozen game issue you are experiencing! Unfortunately, there is no way to see the results of that spin or fix the game without refreshing the game. Golden City Casino will always save your wins and free spins, so don't hesitate to close and restart the game! Please try to remember this tip the next time your game freezes!

Q. The game does not load.

If you are experiencing a problem with loading the game, please try refreshing the game a couple times! If this doesn't seem to fix it, please consider clearing your browser's cache by following the steps found on this site: Please note that we recommend using Google Chrome while playing Golden City Casino and thus only provided instructions on how to clear cache for this browser.

Q. I made a purchase but I didn't receive the coins.

Thank you for making the purchase! First of all, if the coins haven't been added to your balance straight away, please check your in-game inbox! Purchases that don't add up to your total coin balance right away may take up to 4 hours to appear in your in-game inbox during busy periods. If you have waited more than 4 hours but the coins are nowhere to be found, please contact us through 'Need Help' along with the details of the purchase including the date and time of the purchase as well as the Payment ID.

Q. Is there a way for me to turn off the sound of the game?

Clicking on the circle button with a speaker symbol will toggle sounds on and off. The button is located on the upper right corner of the game screen.

Q. How do I turn off the Broadcast feature?

Unfortunately, you can't. The Broadcast feature is an important part of Golden City Casino as it allows players to experience a truly social casino experience.

Q. When does the Daily Stamp reset?

The Daily Stamp resets every midnight (ET).

Q. How do I make a refund for an unwanted purchase? (Facebook)

Payments made while playing on a computer are handled by Facebook and we have no authority in refunding them. In order to dispute theses purchases, please access your payments tab in Facebook settings and file a dispute through the Facebook system.